The most important thing for the novice bookkeeper is experience. Although his role to play and the red diploma, and good knowledge. Novice accountant optimally to gain experience as a assistant accountant in a large company to then move to the position of accountant with higher pay.
For the accountant it is important to know the program, staffed accountants: 1C, Parus, etc. So before they begin to work they need to master well.
Looking for a job actively: post your resume on several websites for clerical work, don't forget to update at least every few days. If you have no experience, indicate that you are familiar with the basic programs for accounting, had a good performance. It is not necessary to specify in the summary too high a salary, because of the large number of applicants with low claims, your resume may not be considered. You can not specify a salary at all, especially if you have little experience: agree about it in the interview, especially because at first the most important thing for you is experience.
When searching for a job is a websites for job search, but the websites of the companies: they are also sometimes placed jobs. Sending a resume to a specific address of the recruitment Manager, you will get more chances that your resume will be reviewed.
Keep a record of companies you have sent your resume. If companies in the work in which you are most interested, will not answer, call back and find out whether your resume is reviewed. Be interested in the results if you went for an interview and you promised to call back within a few days, but didn't call back.
If five days to get fails, make yourself coming accountant (for example, small business accountants sometimes work 2-3 days a week). Of course, this means that you will earn less, but it's better than not working at all, as you acquire new experience.