Cash book is a special approved form. At the beginning of each year cash book begins anew. It should be filled for each day, even if I made only one transaction with cash. Can be purchased at a stationery store the journal in the prescribed form, then at the beginning of the year should be numbered all the pages, sew the cash book and stamp, and then, every day the cash book is supposed to fill, and in chronological order.
At last hemmed the sheet is the inscription "In this book bound and numbered ... lists where you specify the number of sheets in the workbook. You can maintain cash book in electronic form in a special program, such as 1C:Accounting. To print the pages of the future cash book we need for each day when there was at least one movement and at the end of the year to sew a cash book, cementing the seal and signature of the head of your organization and if there is a chief accountant and his / her signature, too.
Cash book generic validated form consists necessarily of two parts: the cashier report and Deposit the sheet in the cash book. Purchased in book form all entries are made with a ballpoint pen with the use of carbon paper, the resulting different instance – this is the report of the cashier, it needs to come off and be stored separately.
If the organization maintains a cash book in an electronic variant, which is recommended, it is for each day to print expenditure and receipt cash orders, cashier report and Deposit the sheet, in fact, supposed to be the cash-book, which consists of two identical the sum of the parts. Sheets are enumerated by the program in chronological order from the beginning, manually insert page numbering is not necessary. At the last monthly Deposit worksheet is the number of sheets of a cash book for the month and for the year – on the last page is the number of leaves in a year.