You will need
  • - supporting documents;
  • - form cash report.
First date, and sequential document number. Enter the name of the organization, for example, "Daisy", a structural unit. Just below to specify the surname, name and patronymic of the employee who provided the report. Email and passport details (series, number, issued by whom and when, the number of the structural units). If the employee when employment was rated personnel number, enter in the cash report.
First specify the amount that was issued to the accountable person from the register (this information make on the basis of account cash warrants). Next, record the details of the employee expenses. Here you need to specify the types of payments (e.g. payment of travel, accommodation, purchase of household goods, etc.). Please note that all information is recorded only on the basis of supporting documents (checks, invoices, receipts, etc.), and they must be correctly completed.
On the reverse side of the insert details of supporting documents – number, date. Specify the amount specified in the receipt. As to the account taken only those expenses that are economically justified, specify in a separate column and applied to the account amount.
Cash report make a single copy. It can be filled using automated programs or manually. Sling ink the report shall the reporting person, chief accountant and the cashier. Remember that to make the information on supporting documents should an employee, you only have to verify this information.
If the amount issued in foreign currency, the report shall be completed accordingly. To do this, in the form of special graphs. The report is approved by the Director or an authorised officer, then attached to the cash book.