The meat of a young sheep with a bright, pink shade, but as they grow older animal meat colour gradually darkens. Adult sheep meat is a normal crimson red. If you see a lamb with a dirty, gray tint – this means that before you meat is low quality, and to use it in food is not worth it. Mutton fat should be dry and firm to the touch, and its color should be white, not yellow. To properly cut up a sheep, you gotta know what parts you want to divide the carcass.

  1. First we need to separate the calf to the knee joint. After that, you need to gently cut the skin and make the rifling to the abdomen and the sternum, taking care not to touch the meat on the inside of the legs. This will give you the opportunity to gently remove the skin.

  2. Further carcass dressing should be continued, hanging her hind legs on the special Board. As a tool for cutting sheep it is best to use a large, very sharp knife. A particularly thick bone can be cut with a small axe for chopping.

  3. The carcass should be carefully gut it, separating internal organs from the abdominal wall. Gutted carcass of a sheep is divided in half at the vertebra of the sacrum. The first is to separate the ribs and legs, and neck. The neck is usually not divided into parts, as used for cooking in one piece. Lamb ribs can also be used to roast.

  4. Separately it is necessary to cut off the rear part of the loin – it usually goes on the chops for frying in a pan or on the grill. In fact, the rear part of the loin is a tender fillet, which can be used in cooking to prepare delicious dishes.

  5. From the carcass is necessary to separate the kidney and breast. Breast meat is usually quite fatty, but at the same time has a pleasant taste. To cook the meat with the brisket, it must first be separated from the bones with a sharp knife.

  6. If you are faced with the need to trim the lamb, the longest you will have to Tinker with the separation of the hind legs (hams). The back leg of a sheep is a large piece of lean and tasty meat with minimal bones. Leg of lamb can be divided into a shank and sirloin. Sometimes the rear leg is separated together with kidney back – this piece is called the rear quarter of a sheep or a "long leg".