To buy mutton better than either the steam room for up to three hours after slaughter or chilled. In this case, you can determine its quality by their appearance. Buying frozen product – it is quite risky, because instead of tender lamb meat can get tough and the old lamb or even goat meat.

Signs of tender lamb

Tender lamb always belongs only to the young animal. The most tasty and delicious product is meat suckling lamb, which was not yet 8 weeks. Very tender meat and lamb to 4 months. Of great importance is the fact of castration of the animal. Tastier meat from those lambs that have been subjected to this operation.

Young and tender lamb, primarily distinguished by the light color. Moreover, the lighter shade will be the meat, the younger the lamb belonged to. The product is dark and uneven in color it is better not to buy, because it probably was carved from an old animal, repeatedly frozen or just improperly stored for a long time.

The fat in lamb is white, sometimes with a barely noticeable yellowish tint. It is also perfectly separated from the meat if it is fresh. Deep yellow or grayish fat appears already in adult sheep, whose meat is quite stiff and unpleasant to the taste.

To determine the tenderness of the meat you can smell. Young lamb always smells, though specific, but nice – fresh milk. Moreover, the aroma is not too pronounced. Old lamb has a more intense smell, reeking of animal urine. From purchase is better to refuse, because the meat will be tough, but his smell even spices to kill would be difficult.

When pressing on a tender fresh meat on its surface is formed a dimple, which instantly flattens and returns a natural light red color. Repeatedly frozen in place, pressure can change the shade or fill with blood.

To be safe while buying lamb you can purchase meat on the ribs. As sheep ribs grow all his life, the young animal they are small, and the meat between them is very delicate and pleasant taste.

How to preserve the tenderness of the lamb during cooking

To prepare the lamb is quite simple – it requires no certain skills and spices. But before that you need to clean the meat and remove excess fat if its too much on the meat. Although it is a little longer than other meats, it is important not to overcook it, otherwise it will be dry and harsh. Before cooking the lamb meat can also be marinated in salt and spices or to hold half an hour in milk – then it will be tender and delicious.