You will need
  • - the sheepfold;
  • - hay;
  • - the straw;
  • - trough;
  • - drinkers;
  • - concentrates;
  • - root crops;
  • Sol;
  • - pasture.
In order to develop sheep breeding, buy animals that breed which will meet the requirements. Are divided into three categories – fine, which receives the Pooh; - useful for getting fluff and meat, as a very large and growing rapidly; coarse-haired, which contain for meat and sheepskin. The most common for home detention – animals of the Romanov breed. Unlike other uterus Romanov sheep can bring a few lambs, sometimes their number comes to 5 pieces for one lambing. In addition the prices of products from Romanov sheep higher, in particular sheepskin.
Romanov sheep are good at remembering the way home from the pasture, which also distinguishes them from other breeds, for example Marinoni which grazing can be released only with the goats, they know their home and will find a way from any of the pastures. But if Romanov breed drive out into the pasture with Marinoni, all sheep will not find the way back, because they have the herd instinct and go on and on. But what kind of sheep will keep the owner up to him. Care and maintenance for animals of any breed are not different from each other.
The life of a sheep can reach 25 years, but much of the time do not have them. In households keeping sheep, a maximum of 7-8 years. After this age the animals have erased the teeth, and decreases performance. So buy young sheep, and best of all - little lambs.
Little lambs keep warm in the fold, as they have little wool and they are prone to colds. While an adult can hold the plank the fold most importantly, to avoid drafts. To contain sheep need a deep litter of straw. If there are severe frosts, then all the offspring of the lambs, store in heated room.
Sheep are very picky about clean feeders and drinkers. They will never be eating leftovers for hay or drink from a dirty trough. All food debris is carefully scraped and give to the cow or pigs.
Lambs take from mother weighing at least 10-12 kg. Still in uterus of 20 day, start to feed them soft hay, leaves from the twigs, boiled potatoes, root vegetables. All the roots carefully razmerita. Feed the lambs 4-6 times a day in small portions. Each time after feeding the feeders thoroughly scrub and wash.
Adults feed hay, roots, and concentrates. Be sure to add in food salt no less than 10 gr. on one individual. Feeding produce only in the stable period, because during the grazing sheep will not go hungry even in late autumn, when grass and not enough cows there is nothing. Only in rare cases during grazing are carried out feeding when the sheep are not expelled because of a late sucotest.
Cut the sheep just before the onset of sustained heat. Before the onset of cold weather or during their sheep are not sheared.