In Moscow the certificate of incorporation, containing information about the founders of the LLC or other legal entity, to tax inspection No. 46 (IFTS №46), located at the address: Moscow, Marching travel, ow.3, korp.1. In order to obtain the certificate of incorporation, it is necessary to make the corresponding request and paying the state fee.
A sample request for getting certificate of incorporation can be downloaded from the Internet or make in any form. In your request please correctly indicate the data about OOO, information about the founders that you needed. It is important to specify the name of the LLC, OGRN, INN/KPP. You also need to specify an that the inquiry is accompanied with the receipt confirming payment of registration fee and your details (full name).
The state duty for the certificate of incorporation is currently 200 rubles. Such a statement can be received in tax inspection in 5 working days after submission of the request. You can pay 400 rubles, and get a statement the next day (urgent provision of information from the register). Necessary information about the founders , OOO will be specified in the statement in the appropriate column.