Advice 1: How to enter in OOO of the new shareholder

All of the limited liability company (LLC) in its activities shall be guided by the Federal law "On limited liability companies" and the provisions of their Charters. Under the law, the founders may change and become a new member may be both physical and legal persons. The law provides for the possibility of introducing a new participant without notarization of the transaction.
How to enter in OOO of the new shareholder
You will need
  • - minutes of the General meeting of shareholders;
  • - statements on the standardized forms 13001 14001;
  • - payment document confirming that the share paid in full;
  • - a new Charter or amendments thereto, issued as a separate document.
Enter to OOO new founder in two ways: on the basis of the contract of purchase and sale (the entry in the rights of succession, assignment or gift) shares in the share capital or by share capital increase due to share, make new founder. In the second case, there is no need to make a deal and to assure it notarized, so the re-registration procedure shorter period of time. In addition, such transaction is not a transaction of sale, so you don't have to obtain the consent of the company.
To enter one of the founders of the society a new member, who wished to contribute its share to the authorized capital, it is necessary to write the application with a request to take him to the founders. The statement must contain the value of the contributed shares. In the case where a monetary contribution, must specify the period of repayment. When is a property contribution, the estimated cost of which is more than 20 thousand rubles, changes in the share capital of the property must be pre-assessed by an independent expert.
Collect the General meeting of founders. All accept the decision record in the Protocol. It should reflect the results of voting on the question of increasing Charter capital through the contribution of a third party. The amount this made to the property must be unanimously approved at a meeting of all the founders. After the decision about increase the authorized capital adopted, reallocate shares of all founders in it.
You must register all changes in the founders and founding documents. Please contact the tax office at the place of registration of the LLC. Complete the application on the standardized forms 13001 14001, attach them to the minutes of General meeting of founders, a new Charter or amendments thereto, issued as a separate document. The package of documents you have to attach proof that the new participant paid changes in the share capital share in full. Within 5 working days you must issue a certificate stating that all changes are recorded in the State register.

Advice 2 : How to re-register, OOO

Many organizations are increasingly resorting to this procedure, so as to renew , OOO is a lot easier than to eliminate it completely. The renewal lasts for 7-15 days, in contrast to the classical method of elimination , OOO, which will be required to provide to the tax office a lot of documents and spend about 60 000.
How to re-register, OOO
You will need
  • Memorandum and articles of Association of the company; the Protocol
  • the agreement and act of sale; the notification of the transaction.
First, former members of the LLC must sign the following documents:
Protocol with the decision on the sale of the shares (be sure to indicate to whom sold);
- the Treaty and the act of purchase and sale of equity
notification on the transaction (in 3 copies: 1 - former members of the LLC, 1 future, 1 - registered on the FTS).
The current members of the LLC must appoint a new General Director and Chief accountant. After that you should edit and approve the new Memorandum and articles of Association of the organization (if re-registration occurred more than 2 players). To notify registering authority. Legally, the old firm ceases to exist and on its basis a new organisation, perhaps with a different legal address, and name.
How to re-register, OOO
New members of the LLC need to register in the tax office of changes in the constituent documents of the organization to former members is not claimed on the sold shares.
Useful advice
Opening firms is especially important to know how to renew the LLC, if the business does not go." For the "zero" of an LLC is the easiest and cheapest way of closing.
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