If you are in the yard there are horizontal bars of varying height and breadth of excellent. If not, build yourself a few horizontal bars of different sizes in the form of a ladder. Position them at a certain distance from each other, so that you can get them at a distance of outstretched arms.
Start your exercise with simple pull-UPS and twisting through the horizontal bar. Then complicate your exercises. Try to jump over the horizontal bar on the bar, clinging to their hands.
Home daily morning or evening do push-UPS and try to stay on the extended hands from the floor. So you are training the muscles of the arms and legs. Do a handstand, his legs propped up on the wall, and then without support legs. Do a handstand, to train the vestibular apparatus. Exercise, keeping your feet on the bed so that they were above the level of the body.
Download the press and grow muscles to be in great shape to perform complex elements. Do twisting and turning the body in different directions for the development of balance. Train your jumps, and especially in length. Jump out of the rack directly, using only the calves of the legs, being careful not to land on your heels. Jump, making turns around its own axis at 180 and 360 degrees.
Daily exercise running, to train the breath. Develop a sense of balance. Find some old boards or a bar (even a book) stand on the fixture and hold the balance.
Complicate the exercise. Stand alternately first on one then on the other foot. Then perform jumps from this position. At a certain distance to install a second beam and jump to it from where you stand.