Learning parkour, you need to master the smoothness and uniformity of movements, and, importantly, to use creative. Training needs to give you pleasure.
Do as much as you want, and exercise only if activities give you inner harmony and satisfaction. Learn to tolerate setbacks – performing parkour tricks, you will invariably fail at first.
Patience and determination – just working on some trick, you will be able to bring his run to perfection.
Don't overdo the workouts – beginners in parkour do not always have a sense of proportion, and therefore exhausted, in a row training the same movement. Is not necessary to separately work on each movement for a long time. Your goal is not to learn a single trick, and learn how smoothly and beautifully flow from one movement to another, and these transitions should not be mechanical.
Learn how to intuitively determine what trick you need to perform in a given situation, and to feel the possibility of his body. In parkour there are no specific rules – do not let all the obstacles under a single standard. Avoid obstacles, taking into account their individual characteristics, forming a sequence of spontaneous movements.
In the learning process, perform several movements in a row, trying to make transitions between them more seamless. Follow the position of the legs is important for the correct execution of tricks.
Determine the optimal speed which will help you move quickly and beautifully, overcoming obstacles and developing his technique. After some time you will notice as you develop your own style, incomparable with other athletes.