First of all, clear the space around you. Of course, to learn how to make the wheel easier in a dedicated training room. If you visit such a room is not possible, the maximum clear space of the room. Remove furniture with sharp corners and hide the dishes. Remember about safety. If free space is not as much as I would like, and you fear for your ability, ask someone to accompany you during exercise.
Many people are given the wheel with one hand. In order to learn how to do a cartwheel correctly, determine which side, right or left, it will be easier to implement it.
Imagine all the precise sequence of movements during exercise. You have to gradually redistribute your weight at four points during the run of the wheel. Let's say that your support leg is the left, in this case, the sequence of rolls will be as follows: left leg – left arm – right arm – right leg. If the support leg is the right, it's the opposite.
Once you visualize the whole sequence, try it now. Let your assistant you insure at first. You may need to hold the legs when they are at the top, until you learn how to control the center of gravity.
Ideally, if you learn to make the wheel slow, at any point to linger as long as possible, gradually transferring the body weight to the next reference point and smoothly to his feet at the end of the exercise. When you learn how to do a cartwheel, most likely, over time, you will wonder, is it really that tough? So natural and light you will feel this exercise.