Sending MMS is quite expensive. If you are a subscriber of MegaFon, the cost of a single multimedia message will be about $0.28 along with VAT for 512 KB of information. Send free MMS from one mobile phone to another will not work.
However, you can use the free Internet services that allow you to send MMS from the website on phone a Megaphone. Examples of such web pages:,,
Follow these steps: go to the selected site providing the service of sending MMS, and select from the list the first three digits of the subscriber number. Fill in the missing numbers. Write in the appropriate title field or the message subject. Type in a large field the text itself.
If you want to attach a file, click on the icon of the picture or audio and choose format. MMS Megaphone allows you to send the following file types: .png .3gp, .jpg, .gif,.mp3, .mmf .amr, .mid, .wav. The picture also can be attached the label using a text box under the image. It is very convenient if you want to congratulate a friend with some holiday.
Use the preview. Click on the "View" and make sure the message is exactly the one that you needed. If necessary, edit the message. Enter confirmation code and click "Send".
If everything was done correctly, you will see "Message sent successfully". If nothing appears, note all data entry field is near one of them (most often, the confirmation code appears in the error notification. Correct it and try again. Most likely, your MMS message will be successfully delivered.