You will need
    • burgers
    • plastic container
    • freezer
To freeze the burgers in different ways – raw, underdone and ready to go. Each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages, choose the one you like more.
The easiest way to send frozen raw patties. Mix ground meat the same way you, salmon it, cover a cutting Board or shelf of the refrigerator with parchment paper, lay on it the cutlet , and send frozen. The temperature in the freezer should be as low as possible, blast-freezing is always to products more gentle than gradual. After freezing, fold the cutlets in a plastic bag or container.
Raw patties before frying do not need defrosting. Just get them out of the fridge, allow to slightly melt the top layer, roll in breadcrumbs and fry in the usual way.
Some prefer to fry the semi-finished product before freezing. It takes a minimum of time, just drop the cutlets in hot oil and fry on high heat until Golden brown. Removing from the pan, put them in a plastic container in which they are stored. Please remember to chill the patties before freezing. Bring to ready you can then pan or in the oven.
Well, you can put it in the refrigerator completely ready burgers. Just put them in a container, close tight lid and you are done. To reheat these meatballs in a microwave oven or on a pan or in the oven.
If you freeze several varieties of foods, be sure to sign the package with them to see what the product is and how it is better to bring to readiness.