You will need
    • stuffing (500g)
    • onion (1 piece)
    • three pieces of white bread
    • 50 ml of milk
    • 1 egg
    • spices and salt to taste
    • the convection oven.
Take any meat (pork, beef, chicken or any combination). If you are cooking for children, give preference to veal or chicken. Scroll through the meat grinder. You can also scroll through pre-soaked in milk white bread, then the meatballs to be more friable and tasty. Minced salt and add the necessary spices. To mass add the onion (you can scroll in a meat grinder with the meat can be finely chopped and one egg. Mix everything carefully. You can use ready-made stuffing or purchased semi-finished products.

From stuffing form patties of any size.
Cutlets in aerogrill you can cook without the addition of vegetable oil, the dish will not burn. You can put on the grill or pan, you can bake on the foil. If you cook on the grill, excess fat drips down and the dish will turn out most useful.

Bake patties at 180 degrees for about 25-30 minutes. It all depends on the thickness of the chops and power of the convection oven. To select the optimal mode by yourself in the cooking process. As the grills clear, it is very convenient to monitor the degree of readiness of the cutlets.

Dishes in the convection oven always come out with a ruddy crust, very tasty and, most importantly, useful and dietary.

Suitable for the diet for people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract).

Cooked this way the dish always looks delicious.
Prepare for the unexpected welcome. To do this, freeze the cooked meatballs in the freezer. When unexpected guests arrive, then within 25 minutes you will have time to prepare a fragrant, rosy and very tasty cakes, for cooking in the halogen oven does not require pre-thawing of the product.

Also you will always have something to cook for dinner in a hurry.