How to fry burgers

Proper roasting cutlets affects the taste of food is not less than the composition of the meat. The traditional recipe involves putting some shaped meatballs consisting of minced meat, potatoes, onions, and sometimes soaked in milk bread in a well-heated pan with vegetable oil or fat. At a stable temperature of the cutlets is formed a brownish crust, and they do not burn. As a rule, chicken stir fry for 5-8 minutes, then turn over on other side and roast another 10 min. Dish cook until tender or in the oven at 180°C for 4-5 minutes, or adding to the pan a small amount of water and diminished fire. If before frying cutlets, roll in flour or breadcrumbs, the crust is formed faster, but the cooking time is not affected.

How to determine the readiness of meatballs

The easiest way to test the chops to break it into two parts. The cut of the meat should be grayish-brown color. If you see a pinkish blotches, this means that the burgers are not ready yet. Dishes of meat, especially pork, it is very important to bring to full readiness, because undercooked meat can cause food poisoning. Raw meat can also be parasites.

Not to spoil the appearance of the patties, breaking them apart, you can check their readiness, pierced with a toothpick or fork and gently pushing. From the meat to separate the juice. If it is cloudy or pink, it means that the chicken is still raw. Clear juice indicates cooked meals. Check the chops should be not earlier than in 20 minutes of roasting. When you press the cutlet needs to be sufficiently resilient and to maintain good form.

As for cooking time, once the cutlets are browned, experienced hostess fry them on low heat for at least 30 minutes under the lid. In this way, the meat is likely to be well roasted and will retain the juiciness. If you bake meatballs in the oven, the cooking may take a little more time. Always focus on the time and temperature specified in the recipe. But if the dish was buggy, you can bring burgers prepared steamed or with others. Cooking time also depends on what meat is made of chicken. Beef and pork is cooked longer, and poultry – faster.