You will need
  • Computer, video card, the program AIDA64 Extreme Edition (or Internet access to download it), basic skills on work with computer.
Download the installation package AIDA64 Extreme Edition. To download free thirty-day trial available version of the test program that has no limitations in functionality. Is it worth buying the full version, you will be able to solve later.
Install the program. The installation process is very simple, you only need to select the language, accept the license agreement and click few times the button "next". Run the program. If you have just installed it, the program will start automatically.
In the tab "Tools", select "Test system stability". A window will appear with two schedules of condition. For the top graph, select the display mode "Temperatures" (one of the tabs in the row above the chart). With the standard settings, the temperature of the graphics card is not displayed.
To add to the graph the temperature of the video card, click on the "Preferences" button in the lower right corner of the window. Window appears select sensor temperature will be displayed on the chart. In the blank lines, select all of the sensors, the GPU Diode. Several of them, and they show the temperature of different blocks of the graphics card. Close the selection window. From this point on the chart will be added to the colored line for the temperature of the blocks of the graphics card. Which one is which unit is written on the top line of the chart. The temperature is displayed all the time while running the window. If you want to measure the temperature in the game, just run it without closing the chart window.