You will need
  • - gps receiver;
  • accompanying manual.
To delete a route, you need first of all to understand the functionality of the gps receiver. With this purpose, carefully review the accompanying instructions, which is attached to this device.
To change data waypoint on the main menu page gps click on the button "waypoint Manager", then tap the route button that you want to edit, then the attribute letters, numbers and symbols to make changes. After this, tap "Tick" and change the other attributes. Then click the "Close" button: all changes will take effect.
To remove a route in the main menu of the gps receiver, click "route Planner". After that, tap the route you want to delete, and click the button "Delete route".
You can delete not only the entire route, but the waypoint: to make it easy. On the main menu page, tap "waypoint Manager", then waypoints, you want to remove and click "Delete waypoint". To delete all waypoints, perform following steps: "settings" - "Reset" - "Delete all waypoints" is "Yes."
To move a waypoint on the main menu page of the gps receiver tap the "waypoint Manager". After this click on the waypoint you want to move and click "Move here".