You will need
  • a set of special tools for chipovka (the kind you might find in stores radio, or buy the device separately);
  • - access to the Internet.
Find out the exact model of your game console Sony Playstation 2. Despite the external similarity, the internal components can vary depending on the device version, this may affect the choice of chip. After that order in the online shop or purchase in retail outlets in your city a special chip for the Sony Playstation 2 respectively of the model. Prices can vary from 30 to 100 Euro depending on manufacturer.
Download online schema chipovka your model console. After that, according to the scheme, replace the device chip. Here you will need a soldering station, wire stripper, tin-lead solder, tweezers. In case you are sufficiently familiar with the process chipovka this device, you can access video tutorials, for example, download this ROM,which details the process:
In case you lack the necessary tools to chipovka consoles Sony Playstation 2, or if the execution of the process in a home environment causes some difficulties, in case you don't have experience with chips and programmers – give your console to a service center in your city, working with this type of consoles.
Pay special attention to the reputation of the service and feedback of its customers, also make sure that before they replaced the chipset on the gaming console Sony Playstation 2 and give you a guarantee of their work. To find the addresses of the services, you can city websites and forums, there you can find the person with certain skills and experience which may come to perform this work in the absence of your city need the points for the Sony Playstation 2.