When to start swimming?

To teach a child to have bath only after the umbilical wound is healed, that is, on day 10-14 of life. Until that time, the immune system of infants is very weak and the only way hygiene is wiping with a tissue or cotton swabs soaked in warm water. It is not advisable to use soap as it can damage the delicate skin of the baby.

How often should I bathe baby?

It all depends on what the purpose of bathing. If bathing is purely a hygienic procedure, according to the international standards is sufficient 2-3 times a week to allow baby's skin to increased dryness. To wash and to wash away the baby's daily needs. Only when the baby starts to crawl, this process can be done daily.

If we consider swimming, as the hardening process, it is carried out daily. In the first procedure, the water temperature should be 37 °C. to Reduce the temperature gradually to 26 °C, every day for half a degree. This process will help to strengthen the child's health, normalize appetite and sleep.

How to prepare for the swim?

In order to make bathing safe, water should be boiled for at least the first month of a child's life.

To bathe the baby in a conventional bath, but before swimming should be treated with special tools, because in addition to the child in it bathes the whole family. Also parents need to get the rubber ring on the neck or slide for swimming. These things will safeguard the child and will greatly facilitate the task of parents. You can buy special baby bath for bathing. This bath is more convenient for parents and safe for children, but its dimensions will limit the movement of the child.

Before bathing the baby should be warmed up, making the massage and light exercises to reduce the strain on the body. Good time for bathing is before the last evening feeding. Bathing before bedtime will help to relax and reassure baby. In no case can not bathe the baby immediately after feeding. Duration of bathing depends on the mood of the child. But before two months of age no more than 5-10 minutes, then this number can be increased to 15-20 minutes.

After bathing the baby should wet a diaper, but in no case can not wipe with a towel. Then you need to treat all wrinkles baby with special baby oil, if necessary, to use powder. Special attention should be paid to the wound in the navel should be treated with hydrogen peroxide.

Also, don't overuse a variety of herbal supplements, as they can dry the baby's skin or cause allergies.