You will need
  • Computer
If you frequently work on your computer with text documents, you probably had to deal with the necessity of putting a colon in the text. While for the experienced PC user the task becomes simple enough for the novice inserting the colon in the text can become a real problem. Consider two ways, using which you can insert a colon in the text.
If you have installed Russian keyboard layout, switch input language to English by pressing keys "Shift"+"Alt" or "Alt"+"Ctrl". To put a colon in the text, hold down the Shift key in the English layout, and then press the colon. If you look on the "Enter" button, then this button will be the third from her. There is also another way of putting a colon in the text, which is only valid on a standard keyboard (101 or more keys).
The second way. In this case, you will need the number keys located on the right side of the keyboard. Immediately noteworthy is the fact that this method will be ineffective numeric keys arranged in a row above the letter. Hold down the right "Alt". While holding this button, dial on the right digital keys combination 058, then release "Alt". The colon can be stamped immediately after you press the button.