Connection on a local network automatically (in contrast to other types of connections). When the computer starts, the operating system finds the network adapter and automatically installs the LAN connection. For each detected network adapter, local area connection is automatically created.
In that case, if the computer has several different network adapters, you must immediately rename all of your local networks. That is, assign each of them a name that describes the type of the corresponding network. This is done in order to avoid confusion in the future.
If your computer has one network adapter and you want to use it to connect to different networks, you need to enable and disable the respective network components of the LAN connection at each change of the network.
If you have multiple network adapters, you must enable or add the network clients, services, and protocols required for each local connection. Each of the clients, services or protocols will be included or added for all network connections and remote access connections.
When you make changes to the network need to change the settings of the current LAN connection. Using the command "Status folder "Network connections" you can view a variety of information about connection: connection duration, connection speed, amount of received and sent data, diagnostics the connection.
How to create a local connection