Turn on the computer and wait for loading the operating system. Click the "start" button on the keyboard. Go to the control panel of the computer by selecting the desired item. Click "Network and Internet". After opening the new window, select "control Center network and sharing".
In the left column of the new menu, locate "Change adapter settings". Select the icon of the network card connected to the local network, the parameters of which you want to configure. Click on the icon, right-click and select "Properties".
Click the left mouse button on the item "Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)". Click "Properties" and launch a new dialog box. Further setup depends on how you created this network and what devices were used in its construction.
If you have the opportunity to use a dynamic IP address, which will be issued with a special device (router or router), then activate the item "Obtain an IP address automatically". If you do not need to specify server addresses, then check the box next to "Obtain DNS server address automatically".
If you need to enter a fixed IP address, select "Use the following IP address". Complete the first field of the dialog menu by typing the IP address for this network card. Similarly, set the values of the DNS servers.
If the network card periodically connects to two different networks, click the tab "Alternate configuration". Complete the proposed paragraphs as described in the previous steps. Click Ok to save the settings. Wait for the update of the network connection and apply the new settings.