You will need
  • network cable, Wi-Fi adapter.
Consider the example of a wired connection of the laptop computer. Purchase a network cable of the desired length. Connect with it, the network card of computer and laptop.
Turn on both devices and wait for the definition of new local network. Open the settings of this network connection on the computer. Find "Internet Protocol TCP/IP" and open its properties. Enter any IP address in the corresponding field. The only rule – the numeric value of all the segments must not exceed 255.
Do the same thing in the LAN settings of the laptop. When entering the IP address, replace the fourth paragraph.
In order to go to the computer files, working with laptop, simultaneously press the Win button (start) and R and type in the box \\, where the numbers represent the IP address of the computer.
If the cable connection does not suit you, then buy a wifi adapter. These devices connect to the USB ports and PCI. The latter is located on the motherboard inside the system unit.
Connect the adapter to the computer and install the drivers for it. Open the control center network and sharing. Go to "Manage wireless networks". Click "Add". Click on "Create a network the computer-computer". Click "Next".
Specify the name of the future network, select security type, enter the password and check the box next to "Save settings for this network". Click "Next".
Now open the list of available wireless networks on laptop. Connect to the network you just created. Please configure both devices as described in the second and third steps. To get access to the files of the neighboring device, use the algorithm described in the fourth step.