You will need
  • -statement
  • -passport
  • -birth certificate
  • -pension certificate
  • -student ticket
  • -proof of income
  • -information on cubic capacity
  • -legal documents on housing
  • -certificate about absence of arrears of rent
  • -excerpt from the book
  • -extract account
  • -certificate of family composition
  • -photocopies of all documents and certificates certified by the housing Department
  • -account number of the savings Bank
Depending on the region of residence of their right to a grant, you will need to confirm every 6 or 12 months. For example, in Moscow this right is confirmed every 12 months, in the Altai region – every 6 months. Almost all regions are eligible for state support are families in which payment for services of housing and communal services exceed 22% of total income. The amount of aid depends on family income and effective interest rate, which eats up the rent from the family budget.
The Department of social protection of the population need to submit a certificate of income of all family members, statement, passport of all family members, birth certificate for all children an extract from the house register, a statement of accounts, title documents for housing. Also need help on the cubic capacity of the apartment and the lack of debt for the rent.
If the subsidy is turning unemployed citizens, need to submit proof that the unemployed are in employment and looking for work, as well as information on the amount of unemployment benefits.
Pensioners need to submit pension certificate and a certificate of pensions issued by the pension Fund. For students – student ID and proof of scholarship issued by the school.
In each region of assistance provided on the cubic that matches the standards of accommodation for one person. The entire area will have to pay in full.
Terms of consideration of statements and documents can be different, depending on the region the answer can be given 10-30 days. The amount of allocated funds will be determined by the Commission based on the submitted documents.
The monthly subsidy will be received to the account of the adult household member most often responsible tenant or owner. So the funds were transferred must show the number of the account opened in Sberbank.