For knitting warm sweaters or other warm clothing is best to choose wool and wool blend yarns. "Wool" on the label does not mean that the coat is approx 50%, it can be any percentage, the remaining proportion of different additives (acrylic, mohair, etc.). Pure wool wears out faster, in addition, the wool prickly, "bite" and can give much shrinkage after washing. Yarns with addition of acrylic, more soft and does not shrink. But wool had its advantages: the hair has natural coils or waves in each thread, which give the yarn elasticity. This yarn is stretched and then returns to its original length. Other fibers no such qualities, so the clothing related of them, often stretched.
Pay attention to the information on the labels, there may be mentioned, than it is better to use when knitting this yarn - knitting or crochet. Highly twisted yarns when knitting can skew the product and make it more rigid, so these threads I choose to knit crochet.
If you need the instructions to combine two yarns, pick as close as possible to each other according to the thickness and texture of the thread. Buklirovannye thread choose if you need to give volume to the product.
For knitting wipes and summer clothing choose cotton, flax (for example, "iris"). Pay attention to the smoothness and subtle Shine - the quality of the yarn will give a more beautiful look to your product. Good use of mercerized cotton. This is natural cotton that has undergone a treatment called "mercerizing" (named inventor John Mercer). Mercerizing brings out the best properties of cotton and reduces its shortcomings, adds luster and durability, products made from such yarn less rumpled.
To knit baby things best to use special baby yarn. The composition of the yarn includes: camel's wool, cotton, acrylic, polyamide, viscose, fiber, Merino. Depending on the percentage of incoming components children yarn has a variety. The most famous Baby color, Baby, Bambino, childish Baby. These threads are soft and do not cause allergies, have different bright and pastel colors.