You will need
  • two thick straight or circular knitting needles;
  • - boucle yarn bright colors (optional);
  • pattern;
  • - a notebook and a pencil.
Think about the kind of future products, and be sure to note the peculiarities of your figure and seasonal accessory clothing. Knitted of boucle yarns, the model will look three-dimensional. The thread with a warm fiber (natural wool, Merinos, etc.) is well suited for top cardigans, ponchos, coats, all these beautiful outfits for the off-season. In the winter you can wear buklirovannye hats, scarves and mittens.
Select for crochet summer clothes thin boucle yarn, which includes cotton. This material is suitable for slim women tops, boleros, dresses with curls and lumps on the canvas will give the figure more volume. Experienced craftswomen often knit from marLED yarns things sewing pattern.
Try knitting with boucle on fairly big needles (otherwise the fabric will be too dense) using yarn bright colors. Work the hook will be more difficult as vyvazhivanii columns of the lower ranks it's easy to make a mistake in the calculations – they are visually indistinguishable and almost not be felt. A dark thread will make loops more invisible.
Clothing knit from boucle yarn front stitch or garter viscous. These patterns are considered optimal for the surface of the leaf. Fancy openwork and relief is meaningless, since they are completely lost on the background of the boucle.
Observe the symmetry when knitting the same parts of fluffy product (such as sleeves or shelves). When using boucle hard to count the rows and the required number of loops (especially if you chose a working thread dark tones). To the item exactly matched the pattern, it is recommended to knit the "mirror" part is cut from two different balls.
Work on the details of clothing alternately, performing the same action: remove first, then in the second part of the product; a parallel set of loops; execute the bevel on one detail, then another, etc.
Keep a notebook of knitting patterns, to accurately record all the important manipulation done. This will allow you to perform the elements of the pair is cut individually, and not to make a mistake in the calculations.
Having started work on one piece of clothing, indicate in your notebook the number of knit rows, decrease, and then added loops and other data.
Continue knitting another part of the product, constantly checking with the workbook. For example, after dialing a certain number of loops draw a line through the appropriate entry; do the same after performing the desired series of increases, etc. In the process of working on buklirovannye outfit regularly fitting.