Make sure the yarn that you are going to knit a toy, not fade after washing. To do this, take some yarn and wash it. If in the process of washing the threads began to go paint, such yarn is not suitable for the manufacture of toys.
If you want to link a toy for an infant, choose the cotton yarn. Toys made of cotton are ideal for very young children, because such products do not cause allergies, they are easy to wash and dry.
Baby over 1 year of age suitable toys made of acrylic yarn, which has rich colours. Products made of acrylic yarn hold their shape well, and they do not form pellets after washing.
A child older than 3 years can be linked toy pure wool. Woolen yarn is perfect for making fluffy Teddy bears, bear or Bunny.
Yarn mohair blend can be used for the manufacture of a mane or beard toys. But due to the long pile of such threads cannot be used in products for kids.
For knitted gift toys choose a shaped yarn. Souvenirs made from this material, nice and elegant. But the toys from such yarn cannot be washed often, because of frequent washings, the product may lose its original appearance.
For decorating the finished toy, you can use yarn with lurex. Sparkling thread will lend a elegant look.
If you want to associate the spotted or striped animal, take a heathered yarn. These toys will look more natural, so their color will be colorful, thanks to the special color of melange yarns.
For making gift toy not worth using threads, obtained from the dissolved old knitted things. From such yarn the product will turn out having an old and shabby appearance. But used thread to bind the characters, which is perfect for Pets and children to play.