You will need
  • - beets
  • - lemon juice and castor oil
  • - a decoction of rose hips
Here are some of the most common ways to clean the liver in domesticated conditions: liver cleanse beets Clean pounds of beets, pour three liters of water and boil for two hours. Without draining the water, remove the boiled beets and grate them on a grater, then back down into the water. The resulting slurry simmer for another 20 minutes. After that, strain and drink the broth one Cup at a time every four hours during the procedure nothing is!). Drinking a glass of beet drink, lie down on the bed, in the region of the liver put hot (but not boiling water) heater. Relax this way for about an hour. Toxins will be released through the kidneys, so get ready for frequent visits to the restroom.
Cleaning with lemon juice and castor mislabeled this procedure is recommended to release the intestines to eliminate toxins. Half an hour before taking the oil drink two tablets noshpu or allochol. Pre-purchased at the pharmacy castor oil capsules, swallow at a time (one hundred capsules), get two hundred grams of oil, then drink a glass of lemon juice (grapefruit). Attach to the right side a warm heating pad and lay down in bed. During the cleaning, possible dizziness, nausea, and heartburn. The results will be visible after 10 — 13 hours.
Clearing decoction shipovnika the evening, prepare three tablespoons of crushed rose hips and three cups of boiling water infusion. In the morning strain it and drink a glass and include three tablespoons of sorbitol. Twenty minutes later, drink up the remaining broth hips. An hour later you can eat fruits, vegetables, drink infusions of black currant and raspberry. Wait two days and repeat the reception of the broth, and so six times during the month.