You will need
    • beef
    • pork liver
    • water
    • milk
Buying the liver, be sure to pay attention to its quality. Fresh product should be smooth, beautiful brown color, with no seals on the slices. The liver should have a shiny, undamaged film and clean the bile ducts. If you doubt the quality of the product purchased, ask the seller to make a few cuts and look at the structure of the liver. Better make sure once again that you buy a good product than to risk your health and the health of loved ones.
Before cooking the liver should be very well rinsed to remove the bile. Then you need to soak. The answer to the question: soak the liver or not, you owe it to yourself to give yourself. If you are confident in the quality of the product, its freshness, if the liver of a young animal, so maybe the process of soaking can be omitted. It is recommended that before cooking the liver macerate, and anybody will not be worse. Steeping can be as solid piece by-product and cut it into pieces 8-12 cm If you soak the liver in one piece, it will greatly facilitate further cutting. The process of soaking is needed for pork and beef liver, such as liver can have a bitter distinct flavor. It is also recommended to soak the liver in quality or freshness which you doubt.
Soak the liver in water, cream or milk. Some of the dishes, the liver is soaked in wine. The soaking time varies from one hour to two, depending on the quality of the product and the age of the animal. It should be noted that the liver is soaked not only in order to remove bitterness and specific blood taste, but in order to get rid of odors and harmful substances. In addition, after soaking, it is bright, juicy, tender and gaining necessary moisture.