Why you need to get rid of moles

The mole is a mammal about the size of a rat, covered with dense silky coat. The mole lives under ground and feeds primarily on earthworms, beetles and larvae. To move underground, the animal digs tunnels.

So what attracts moles in home gardens? The fact that molem is easier to dig tunnels in loose soil country, but also fertilized the ground, many insects that the mole feeds. The garden for him like a buffet, so once in the woods becomes a little food, a mole moved closer to the people.

It would seem, let them live under the ground harmless animals, but any gardener will confirm that the area, dug up moles, impossible to grow vegetables. Creating a system of underground tunnels, moles are undermining the roots of the plants from which they wither and can die. Therefore, the mole control should begin as soon as they appeared in the country.

How to catch a mole? Method 1

On a country site it is necessary to find a fresh course and really take it to the ground. Then you need much to wait, watching the surrounding land. Once you see that the soil begins to rise tubercles – determine where to move the mole, and quickly plug in front of him with a shovel. A second spade immediately remove the ground behind the mole. Animal, stumbling at an unexpected obstacle in the form of a shovel, immediately turn around and run back - then you have it and get caught. The mole pulled out from under the earth's surface, losing orientation in space and becomes helpless.

How to catch a mole? Method 2

To catch the mole, you can make a special device called the "Solomon trap". Does the tin sheet and rolled into a tube with the diameter of the wormhole and a length of 30-40 cm To the tube with the two ends attached to the doors which open only inwards. The finished trap should be buried in one of krotovich manholes and patience. Animal, went to bypass their possessions, fall into the trap either one or the other end.

How to catch a mole? Method 3

You need to take a three-liter jar or bucket with high smooth walls. Capacity must be buried in the middle of one of krotovich moves. The mole, going in its course, falls in buried you to the Bank. You will just have to periodically check his trap.

Captured moles can take to the woods or field, away from household plots.