Hold a special examination and registration of beaver colonies. You can then diagnose the possibility of trapping of beavers in a particular area.
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Mark the areas where you can hold the capture and define the number of individuals subject to capture. It is allowed to start after the end of beavers breeding season and rearing of young. In the Central regions it occurs after July 10. Ends the capture, but given the time of transportation, so as to release animals occurred a few weeks before freeze-up.
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Swipe the trapping of beavers at the factory. It we can by means of a metal Ivanouski with curtain doors. To it using the rubber ring, attached wings made of nylon mesh, which are necessary in the trapping of beaver from lodges in the deep or cluttered waters. Also used a homemade trap made from wire rods, fastened with hoops, having the form of a cylinder about a meter long, with a diameter of 40-50 cm.
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Beavers may be caught using nets with a length of 25-30 meters and a height of 4 m with floats on the top rope and gruselle on the bottom.
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On the shore find the nest chamber and start pounding on it with a stick or feet. The beavers are scared of the noise, out of the hole and fall into the trap.
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But in cases where the beavers lay low or absent in the hole, can be a useful dog, specially trained to work with them. The presence of a rodent so the dog feels through the half-meter layer of soil. Let her ashore after the installation of the traps and its behaviour is determined whether there is a beaver in the hole.