You will need
  • - Sharp scissors;
  • - Thinning shears;
  • - Comb;
  • Clips.
  • - A bottle of water with a spray bottle.
First pry with partings of the hair that you need to shorten. The rest of the hair fasten on the head with clips, so that they do not interfere.
So bangs it was easier to cut, soak it with water from bottle of spray. Comb the hair smoothly on the forehead. Then divide them into three strands – the Central, right and left. Left hand hold the Central strand between the index and middle fingers (if you are right handed and will cut right hand). Next, pull hair off to the desired length of hair. Index finger, you should rest on the nose. Please note that dried hair somewhat shorter, albeit marginally.
Selecting a length not do this with your fingers and don't stop to hold the stretch of the hair. The hand from the face must be removed at 5-7 cm with a pair of scissors clutched in his right hand, cut off the excess hair under the back of your fingers. The hair will fall on the newspaper, carefully planted you before the haircut in order not to pave the floor with hairs.
Now came the turn right strands. Comb it again, then pinch with your fingers just as you did earlier. Also take a small amount of hair from an already shortened the Central strands. So you will not lose with the length of the hair. Then in the same way cut the remaining strand.
Now you can start cutting out. So the bangs will not puff up, and in General will look much nicer. Take special thinning scissors. Bangs split at least five small strands (can be more). Take the first lock, scroll it around her several times to get the likeness not tight flagellum. A strand it is better to keep the left hand, and scissors, respectively, right. Make a couple of cuts: the first in the middle of the length of the bangs, second by backing off 1-2 cm from the bottom edge. In the same way the treat the remaining strands.