You will need
  • - thinning shears;
  • - comb.
Thinning do on clean, dry hair. If you want to give volume to the crown or bangs, separate vertical strands and mill them from the bottom up. Lower short hair up top. If you need to upper the hair close to the head, mill the vertical strands allocated from the top down.
The thinning can be horizontal and vertical. When the horizontal strand of hair is stretched and cut part of it down (no more than 3-5 mm) from the ends. During vertical thinning strand is deflected in the direction approximately 30 degrees and thinning scissors are kept vertical, blade down.
When cutting out the roots of a lock of shorn stretched across in several stages: first, at the base of the hair, then around the middle, and the last one towards the end of the strands. This will allow you to get the bounce of the hair at the roots.
There is also such a technique as a sliding cut – while the disclosed scissors grasping the strand in the middle and move towards the ends of your hair. With the help of this technique, different length cut with thin strands. Performing a sliding cut requires special care, otherwise you run the risk of partially or completely cut off the strand.