Determine what kind of bangs would look best, depending on the structure of the hair model haircuts and external data If men thin hair, bangs should be done, starting from the top of the head. The sharp features of the face or chubby cheeks adjust with asymmetric bangs and long face – with smooth and thick. If a man of small stature, not build him on the head instead of a Bang, a sort of Mohawk. This haircut will go only to young people are quite tall.
Wash your hair with shampoo and carefully dry them first with a towel and then a Hairdryer, as bangs it is better to cut on dry hair, so it does not stick together. If a man has curly or very thick hair, slightly moisten them with a spray bottle.
You put a man in a chair and provide sufficient illumination of the workplace. Take the most sharp and long scissors. If possible, buy in a specialized store of professional tools.
Necesite hair on the forehead, separate the strands that are not related to the bangs, and secure them with clamps. If a man has short hair, put it on his head a special hat, from under which release only the strands for bangs.
Start to trim the bangs strictly from the Central line of the forehead. Gradually move first to the left, then to right. Hold the scissors in one position – at an angle of approximately 45°. When cutting those strands that you cut, hold firmly with two fingers and a little stretch. Check the line of cut and adjust it, if necessary, guided by the model of hairstyle.
Take thinning shears and treat them bangs in order to make it look more natural and, however, a good lie down. Before thinning divide trimmed the bangs for a few strands, each of which should be separately milling: first, in the middle, and then a little above the tips of the hair.