You will need
  • - hairdressing scissors
  • - flat comb
  • clips for hair
  • - a spray bottle with water
  • mirror
Before proceeding to the modeling of bangs, consider what it should be. Long or short, thick or not. Not much soak my head before the haircut. Wet hair is easier to cut, but in this case without some experience it is difficult to predict how high jump bangs after a haircut.
Rascalities carefully, with a comb, separate a semicircle of the hair you decide to shave. Satelite remaining hair back and secure with clips.
Imagine mentally your bangs, which way she should look. Consider the location of your normal parting and the crown on his head.
Stand directly in front of the mirror, once again comb your hair, lightly dampen them with water from a spray bottle.
Make a small incision on the very short section of the future bangs, try to make it not too high, the bangs should begin above the level of the eyebrows.
Now define the maximum length of the bangs and make the other side up another notch. Focusing on the cuts, cut hair, taking the scissors from above downwards.
If you are in doubt whether you chose the length, first cut hair to a minimum, usherette their hand, look what happened. If necessary dostavite bangs, until she become like you wanted.
Dried up your hair you can gently cut off the tip of the scissors directed vertically upwards, this will help the bangs to look more natural.