You will need
  • – long, sharp scissors;
  • – scissors for profiling;
  • irons for hair straightening;
  • spray hair with a smoothing effect;
  • – comb with frequent teeth.
Comb the bangs comb and squirt it with hair spray. Liquid smooth the hair and will allow you to see the line of the defect.
Select the optimal form of bangs that best suits your form of hair and face structure. If the hair has an uneven edge on one side, then the best option would be side-swept bangs, combed to the side. Frequent short curls bangs along the entire length can be aligned in one straight cut. The long ends on the sides will make a rounded shape, but it takes some skill and proficiency with scissors.
Straighten your hair with a Flatiron, if you spray the ends of your bangs curl. But, if the hair is not deformed from exposure to liquid, the drying at this stage is not required. In General, dry cutting for self-correction of the fringe – not the best option. Ideal to straighten your hair at the roots and to hold the straight edge itself is quite difficult. So at this stage it is permissible to take the help of a hairdresser or anyone who confidently holds the scissors.
Take a thin strand from either end bangs and cut her long, sharp scissors. Thus, the planned direction for the future of the slice. Remember that making straight bangs, scissors need to keep horizontally. If necessary, the ends of the hair, you can hold your fingers a little with her head down.
Continue the cut along the entire length bangs on the form that was previously selected. To do this, split your hair into two or four strands and cut them on the very first curl.
Take the scissors for profiling and treat them Bang along the entire length. This tool must be kept vertically under the minimum angle. The use of thinning out is recommended to owners of thick and chunky bangs and also for those who want to disguise a slight defect, and "trembling" the line of the cut. The thinning should not be too frequent, otherwise the hair will seem sloppy and sparse. In addition, excessive thinning can cause split ends.