Advice 1: Wearing thongs men?

Mens Thong is a variation of underwear with wide open buttocks. It just so happened that men who wear thongs, most often considered gay. However, such an attitude to such a Frank Belew was not always the case.
Wearing thongs men?
Like women, men tend to decorate their body, to make it more attractive. Underwear very well reveals the character and shows just how candid people can be.

Of the history

It turns out that the Thong was invented in ancient times. In those days they were very popular in men. It is believed that the Thong originated from loincloth was used by the representatives of the stronger sex to protect the genitals from damage and dirt. Later, approximately in the XIX century, was invented the jockstrap - cotton pouch designed for the same purpose. At the end of the XX century g-string, as underwear began to gain popularity. Today, they are quite relevant and popular underwear for men.

There are two types of panties: G and C. the Difference is that G-model is similar to the female version, that is a triangle or strip in the back. Many men use this type of pant in everyday life, especially on vacation, to form a beautiful tan. C-model is attached to the body by the silicone inserts in the crotch area. This option is often used for a strip performances, photo shoots or body painting. It should be noted that the material used for sewing nylon or spandex.

Despite the outward ease and comfort, urologists do not suggest to wear this type of underwear, as the fabric does not pass a sufficient amount of air can cause diaper rash and rubbing.

Harm or no harm?

According to a study conducted by adult social network, it was found that, of the 966 respondents, men Thong wear 585, do not wear 164 217 and want to wear, but shy. Thus, the obvious conclusion - strings men like me. However, it should be viewed from the other side. Sexuality and convenience on one side of the scale, and on the other the harm caused by common wear. First of all, strings can cause irritation to the delicate skin, and cause mechanical damage to the genital area. During long-term continuous wear blood supply of the genital organs is disturbed, as a result, you may experience problems with erection or duration of sexual intercourse. If the diseases of the rectum g-string is generally contraindicated, because the skin of the perineum is constantly injured, and there is a high risk of infection.

The appearance of external hemorrhoids do not use a Thong, even for a short time. The friction instantly occurs the infection of the nodes, which leads to very undesirable consequences.

Wear lingerie of this type only with a healthy sexual organs and be sure to give your skin a break by wearing underwear made from natural materials.

Today, buy quality underwear for men is not difficult. Huge selection of different models thongs presented in sex shops, online stores and men's departments.

Advice 2: Is it harmful to wear a Thong

Sexy panty g-string have won great popularity among the fair sex. A thin strip of fabric, leaving no room to the imagination, looks tempting, however, to sacrifice health for the sake of beauty is not worth it – the constant wearing of thongs can seriously harm women's health.
Is it harmful to wear a Thong

Why is wearing thongs bad for you?

Because thongs are made predominantly from synthetic fabrics, poorly permeable to moisture and air, with prolonged wearing, especially in hot and humid weather, this underwear creates a favorable environment for the breeding of various bacteria and yeast. This can lead to the development of inflammation, fungal diseases (candidiasis), bacterial vaginosis. Very often the cause of recurrent yeast infections be a Thong – is to abandon wearing them, and microflora quickly returns to normal.
Experts note that in emergency situations (a fall, car accident) women dressed in thongs often run the risk of injury of the external genitalia.

The main danger, ironically, lies in a thin strip of tissue, located between the buttocks. Thanks to her, the bacteria from the anus can easily get on the mucous membrane of the vagina and the urethra. During the movement of the fabric rubbing the skin, on irritated skin microcracks through which the infection enters the bloodstream.

It is especially dangerous to wear a Thong, not suitable for the size – too narrow linen constantly squeezes and traumatizes the skin.

How to minimize the damage?

Do not give up wearing a Thong at all, but to wear them every day is not necessary. In the heat it is better to choose clothes made of natural materials. During periods of antibiotics when the natural microflora of the vagina can be broken, and during menstruation it is also better to go for linen classic models. Do not wear thongs and at night.

Wearing panties-a Thong in cold weather contraindicated – in the cold underwear should serve the same protection from hypothermia, as the rest of the clothes.
Pick the underwear that fits you in size – too small panties are not only ugly to run into a body, forming folds, but will also create unnecessary pressure on the most tender areas of the body.

If you choose a swimsuit with Thong, try not to stay in it for a long time, especially after bathing – long stay in a wet bathing suit will likely trigger a bladder infection.

Do not skimp on underwear – do not buy beautiful but cheap g-string made of synthetic fabrics. At least the panties should be insert of natural material.

If you wear synthetic panties, be sure to use gaskets and often change them (every 2-4 hours) – pads will absorb excess moisture, and timely change will not allow bacteria to multiply.
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