You will need
  • Thong.
The name string comes from the English word "string" which means a cord, rope or tie. Most often women wear thongs, though the underwear I prefer and some men. Women g-string assotsiiruet with summer, the beach and a great mood. And for good reason! After all, this underwear is not recommended to wear in the cold, otherwise you can "earn" a nasty disease. Be sure to see what made the g-string you buy. Even if linen is sewn from synthetic fabric, gusset Thong should be made of cotton.
Doctors say that thongs and their unhygienic use may lead to irritation, bacterial and fungal infections of the vagina, hemorrhoids. So do not buy and do not wear thongs to a smaller size, try not to wear them around the house. Please note that these panties are not practical clothes. Rather, it is an erotic piece of clothing. For everyday wear you should choose more comfortable and safe options. So, in a Thong bacteria multiply much faster than conventional underwear. Wear a Thong for some special cases: when you go on a date with a guy and you need to look your best.
Going for lingerie to the store, you know that there are 4 types of string: T, G, V and S. the T-Thong is the underwear, which converge behind three thin lines of tissue in the form of the letter T. G-string is a type of Thong-underwear. Behind them there is a small triangle of fabric. Depart from him, the narrow stripes on the hips and down. V-string is similar to the model G with the only difference being that the rear triangle consists of three thin strips or gum. The strips are then also diverge in the direction of the hips and down. In the centre of triangle V-string, no fabric. C-strings do not have elastic bands on the sides. They are held by elastic frame, and silicone strips.
There are a selection of various string with lace accents, feathers, sequins and other decorative elements. If you have a romantic night, choose for themselves such cowards. In addition, there are swimsuits with shorts-string. They contribute to acquiring uniform and attractive tan. Especially popular swimwear in Europe, especially in Germany and Spain. Doctors say that sun bathing in such bathing suit is extremely dangerous, because the skin on the buttocks is very delicate. So be sure to use sunscreen.
The advantage of this kind of lingerie is that it is invisible under tight clothes, bodycon dresses, leggings, tights, jeans, shorts and so on. In panties-a Thong buttocks look prettier because they're not strapped and open. This underwear is perfect for girls with a good figure and who have something to show. Panties-Thong will be happy and those who like minimal wear.