You can get it all back, but is it worth it? If your differences cannot be overcome, when you were together, it is unlikely that anything will change for the better. To tolerate quarrels and conflicts, or to start life with a clean slate – it's up to you.
Making a choice in favor of freedom, do not give in to discouragement and confusion. You need to fill in the voids that were formed after the departure of ex-boyfriend, and "burn bridges". Tell us about breaking all of your friends, girlfriends and relatives. Do not complain and do not explain every tragedy. Just: "I'm fine! However, the day before yesterday with Oleg broke up, but it's long been ripe...".
Look for the positive in all aspects, and better if they are with a fair amount of humor. Soon his birthday and you don't need to "worry" about the gift! No more of his Sabbath nighters-friends with tanks of beer and the ubiquitous fish. You can now admit to myself that the mother in law of his mom will make a killer.
Remember. Remember all the bad, the ugly and indecent, what he was doing. He bit off their Burr, as loud belch, his R-R-R-rap. Think about it, when the hand reaches for the phone. Look at my cat – he's just happy that there is an invader and usurper that you can safely write into the tray, not in his sneakers.
Get out in the world and look around. How many attractive and intelligent men! But you could have all this wealth skip, cleaning beer mugs and fishtails. Flirt and flirt, stay a little windy. Not lonely, but free.
Collect all his remaining things and the gifts that he sometimes bought. Write the man a letter with words of gratitude for the pleasant moments, which undoubtedly you were. Put the paper in the boxes, seal with tape and all... get in the pantry. It is not necessary to reopen his and other people's wounds.
That's all. Now you will be able to advise their friends, as quick to forget man.