To begin with, break off contact with the former spouse. This is not always possible, especially if there are children or business. But still, try about half a year after the divorce not to talk at all. Or can only communicate briefly and to the point. Remove at the time of his from Skype or ICQ, don't see his page in social networks. Open physical contact helps to make the first step towards the construction of psychological distance.
Take a break from sad thoughts. Psychologists in one voice campaigning after the divorce to do what you love. Say especially helps the immersion in the things or Hobbies that you were denied in the family. We all have to make sacrifices for the sake of the family nest. If you are again on the loose, it's time to remember old fun. This will help you to realize the simple truth: all that is done, all the better.
Change the appearance of. Nothing improves the mood of women improving their appearance. New hairdo, revamped wardrobe, a new style of makeup will help you look at yourself differently. Open another image that may be useful to you in a new life without her husband.
Take a break in relationships with men. Some women rush from one relationship to another. Family psychologists do not recommend doing so. To adapt to the new conditions of existence after divorce requires a minimum of one to two years. If in this period begin to build new relationships, unhealed wounds can demolish them and further reduce your self-esteem. Take a break from men a year or two and go towards love.