You will need
  • Clean bedroom
  • Paint and brushes
  • Supplies for the repair
  • Business (work, University, etc.)
  • Notepad
  • Handle
The first step to stop being a child – organization of personal space. Try to rid your room of all inappropriate adult things – posters, plush toys, dolls, model cars etc. Paint the walls of your room in "serious" neutral color. Leave the room only the necessary furniture – bed, Desk, chair, wardrobe.
Organize your closet. Throw all the worn-out, favorite childhood sweaters, remove from the Cabinet all the t-shirts with "fun" applications, etc. Leave a few sets of casual clothes, one in which you look more serious and older. Try to complement your wardrobe more formal outfits.
To stop being a child, begin to Wake up every day in the "working" time is between 7-9 am. You should be able to do it yourself, without any help. To choose suitable for routine clothing, and independently bring it into the proper condition (washing, Ironing).
Mature people daily ensures that his bed remained dressed in the morning, by yourself changes the linen, washes dishes, tidies up his room and the workplace. Choosing independence from parents and anyone in the organization your life, you demonstrate your maturity. If you don't know how to perform a particular responsibility at home, just ask for it once someone close to you to tell you how it's done.
Stop being a baby helps the new style to start the day. Each morning cheerfully greet members of his family. Prepare and eat your Breakfast, wash dishes. If you notice that you need to clear the table dishes or garbage – make it without reminders from adults.
Practice Mature behavior when someone tries to provoke you. The first reaction of your mind to such actions will be instinctive impact, protection. However, when you manage to grow up, you will be more thoughtfully to respond to attempts to hurt you.
Accept the fact that you can something I do not know is evidence of your growing up. Observe the behavior of other adults and try to ask questions when you don't understand their actions, but do not abuse this opportunity. Trying to hide their ignorance on any issue is evidence of infantilism.