The baby in the womb, is already learning to recognize and respond to emotions mom, so we talk about newborn. For normal formation of the psyche of the infant as the need for a tactile and emotional contact with the mother. The lack of love in infancy, entails negative consequences, for example, the development of deprivation, the disease affects children-orphans, deprived of maternal love. Such people compensate by overeating nedolyublennosti, there may be inhibition in the development, the lack of understanding of how to live in society and the inability to communicate with others.

The family plays a major role in the formation of a child. You must show concern, show love, don't be shy to hug and kiss the baby, to explain what's right, praise for new achievements and successes in development, don't be afraid to pamper and encourage the baby for the good and right thing.

The self-esteem of the children formed regarding behavioral reactions in the family. It is important not only to explain in words about respect to each other or to the rest of the family, but also to care and help others. If the child will see the quarrels and conflicts between parents or relatives about the educational moments can be forgotten. The sense of empty explanations will not. Often it happens that the often ill children are just forced to reconsider the relationship between the parents and the family as a whole. The child tries to compensate for the lack of attention and love of adults at the expense of the sores, as this period of trepidation and concern about the most important and expensive person in the world increases several times than usual.

To avoid such situations, you must regularly give your child the love and warmth of the house, in order to avoid chronic illnesses and developmental disabilities.