The rejection of past beliefs

Before accepting Islam, it is necessary to abandon the old faith. Although all world religions (Buddhism, Islam, Christianity) preach the principles of kindness and respect, the transition to the new faith negatively perceived by the majority of the followers of your former religion. The procedure of "renunciation" in the form in which it is represented in many religions, Islam does not exist. You will not be forced to renounce Jesus, if you are a follower of Catholicism or Orthodoxy. Moreover, Islam recognizes Jesus as a prophet under the name of "ISA."

A rite of passage

Quran, the Holy book of the Muslims, and according to the Koran everyone to recognize Allah can become Muslims. In Moscow, there are many mosques, and you need to visit an Islamic temple for the religion.

One of the main mosques of the capital - the Historic Mosque. It is located at the address: Bolshaya Tatarskaya street, house 28. Famous and Large Mosque - one of the oldest in Russia (under construction). Only in Moscow more than 300 mosques; faith in any Islamic temple.

Traditions, holidays

Muslims respect in Russia, in our country there are many mosques, but there are even regions with predominant Muslim religion. It is Tatarstan, Dagestan, the Chechen Republic. Every devout Muslim seeks to make a pilgrimage to the main Muslim Shrine - the black stone "Kaaba" in Mecca.

In Moscow there are many places to meet Islamic holidays. The holiday of "Eid al-Adha has a special significance for followers of Islam. For this holiday you need to make a sacrifice by stabbing bought without bargaining, honestly earned money, sheep. At the time the holding of "Eid" in Moscow have encountered serious difficulties - sacrifice was done in an inappropriate place. This problem has been solved by the Council of Muftis (Islamic priest) of Russia: there is a special Muslim slaughterhouse, which needs to do the sacrifice.

Islam in everyday life

"Convert" is not easy to develop the domestic foundations of Islam. First, it is necessary to observe a five-fold washing every day. Is complicated and the longest post - month "Ramadan". Eat during Ramadan would be a sunrise.

"Halal" is a special Muslim food. The first shop selling food to Muslims in Russia became a supermarket "Bahetle" in Kazan, capital of Tatarstan Republic. Recently "Bakhetle" was opened in Moscow.