Advice 1: How to distinguish a fake perfume

To avoid trouble during the purchase of toilet water or perfume, you should know how to distinguish real perfumes from fake.
How to distinguish a fake perfume

  • Need to buy perfumes in specialized stores, which have a good reputation and the opportunity to learn their scent.

  • Packaging for toilet water should be made of thick cardboard. And the inscriptions on it are well-typed. If the package is wrapped in cellophane, it is important to check if he's tight box, then consider the seams – they should be neat and smooth. The packaging must contain the barcode.

  • Manufacturer's details: "Made in France" in English or French must be indicated on the packaging. However, you should not buy a perfume if, instead of the inscription "Made in France" indicates "France" - the origin of the toilet water is very doubtful. The box must be written the percentage of alcohol.

  • Some people think that to distinguish a fake perfume will help a plastic shell, which is a mandatory indicator of the brand of perfume. In fact it is not. Most companies specifically don't pack boxes of perfume to the consumer was able to appreciate the high printing quality of the packaging and amazing design. In order to protect their products from counterfeiting, the famous company specially bought the original and expensive bottles, made of quality glass or crystal. More surprising than the bottle, the harder it is to make a copy.

  • When buying you need to consider a bottle of perfume. Self-respecting companies do not allow the sale of spirits in pracovnom bottle — uneven surface of the balloon in the glass. Both the package and the bottle must indicate the capacity of free water (in milliliters).

  • A certain guarantee of quality toilet water and perfumes gives a certificate of compliance. He has to be there, where it is selling toilet water, and you have every right to demand. If your request is denied, then you have every reason to doubt the authenticity of the submitted perfumes.

  • In addition, to distinguish a fake perfume will help resume, which is attached to the perfume. If not, then the certificate should be a detailed description of the quality of the product.

Advice 2 : How to distinguish a fake toilet water

Perfumes are always in demand. Almost everyone uses one or other perfume agents. The most common means toilet water. She enjoyed men and women of all ages, regardless of income. But the popularity of the toilet water has a downside - a huge number of fakes. Let's see how you can distinguish a fake toilet water from the original upon purchase.
How to distinguish a fake toilet water
The main reason that fakes are so easy to sell under the guise of the original, is the eternal desire of man to save. Therefore, when buying first of all find out the average price you bought the toilet water, and if your purchase is worth far less on 50 percent or more is likely a fake. The exception is online shopping where all goods are much cheaper due to savings on rent of halls and sellers, but even there, the savings may not be more than 25-30 percent.
More types of sellers of fakes coming up for names such as "customs confiscated" or "produced under license", explaining the absence on the packaging of toilet water necessary marks and names. Of such goods is simply no - this is the usual counterfeit.
The most serious forgery can be distinguished by the name and packaging design. Such counterfeits are usually intentionally misspelled trademark, or lightly distorted logo of the manufacturer of toilet water. For example, free water may be called "Lakoste" instead of "Lacoste". The logo is distorted when it is turned by, his color changed, or it is missing altogether.
Forgeries of the higher class are usually completely mimic the original, and to distinguish a fake toilet water in this case is much more complicated. First of all, can differ the quality of the packing material and printing on it. The fakes usually almost flat (unlike the original relief) printing, paint may be lubricated with plain water. A plastic film sealed fakes in most cases uneven, the seams are rough and of different widths.
Inspect the bottle - it is best to give a fake. They have a tube of spray is not the same as the height of the bottle and rests at the bottom. The cap is the "samopal" made too rough, and sits loosely on the bottle.
Glass bottle with original toilet water itself is colored and the coloring does not need, and if you see that the paint is applied on top of glass - is almost completely fake.
As you can see, signs of this toilet water is enough to distinguish it from the cheap fakes. Be careful when buying, and then it will not bring you bitter disappointment instead of the expected luxurious flavor.

Advice 3 : How to determine the authenticity of the perfume

Perfume is one of the lucrative areas for producers of counterfeit goods. Most often counterfeited perfume or toilet water, so if you are going to buy a new scent, treat carefully to the choice to avoid an unpleasant situation. Be picky and ask the consultant about all the details that interest you, or arouse suspicion.
How to determine the authenticity of the perfume
Packing. All labels should be clearly printed. Cardboard boxes should be dense, high-quality. If the spirits are wrapped in cellophane, it must have a good fitting box pleats and seams should be neat and smooth. On the box there should be an inscription "Made in France" in English or French. Must be the barcode. Some manufacturers indicate the percentage content of essential oils and list of ingredients, but this is optional, but the percentage of alcohol must be specified.
Bottle. The famous perfume house will never allow to on sale got bottles marriage with scratches, supposed, uneven surface with the presence of bubbles of air in the glass. To protect their products from counterfeiting, manufacturers of perfumes create an unusual and expensive bottles of high quality glass or crystal. The original bottle, the harder it is to copy. As well as on the packaging, the bottle must indicate the volume in milliliters.
The presence of the certificate. A certificate of compliance must be wherever you are trading, and you must provide it upon request. If you are denied acquaintance with him, you can doubt the authenticity of spirits and in their quality. But the presence of the certificate from the seller is not 100% guarantee the authenticity of the product, as it too can be faked. On this certificate must be delivered to the original print. The document is always issued only one type of product. Each item should be annotated. If not, then the certificate must contain a complete description of the quality of the product.
If you have already bought the toilet water, test its quality by putting the bottle in the fridge. If the contents of the vial is turbid, you purchased counterfeit goods. This perfume is in any case should not be used as a great risk of allergic reactions and poisoning. Take the purchase back to the store and take the money, it is not necessary to exchange the fake for another's toilet water, as is likely, you will once again sell "fake" goods.
The lack of the cellophane packaging is not a sign of forgery. A perfume house specifically refused it to the buyer it was easier to appreciate the excellent quality of polygraphic execution of packing and its gorgeous design.
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