If earlier the high cost of perfume is a guarantee that this is the genuine article, today there are craftsmen who are trying to sell a fake for the price of the original.
Of course, buying toilet products in specialized stores, you risk a lot less. But the knowledge of certain secrets can also help in buying the genuine perfume.
There are external differences, which can determine the original. Modern manufacturers are interested in selling their products, so quite often the bottles are made using intricate shapes that are difficult to forge.
If the ghosts are in the box, the packaging must be of good quality, without any glue residue or wrinkles in the cellophane. The package itself is durable and cellophane – subtlety. The inscriptions on the original are never vague, they do not write the fine print. On the contrary, manufacturers are trying to let customers know all the information about their company.
If you do not speak foreign languages, ask someone to help read labels on spirits. If one word is misspelled, before you fake.
Does not happen these spirits without a product name on them, indicate the country of manufacture, date of manufacture, shelf life and composition of the product. Read the barcodes from different manufacturers to distinguish the goods of the country which perfume you decide to buy. The serial number, standing on the code must match code on vial.
Remember that perfume should not be closed with a metal lid, and the color of perfume is not too bright. The real brand perfumes are resistant, they last about 8 hours. Any negligence should alert you, not to mention the low price. To produce a real perfume manufacturers use expensive ingredients, so the product can not be cheap.