History of French perfume

In the mid-seventeenth century France in Vogue wearing gloves. But the court ladies did not like the sharp odor, characteristic of natural leather, then the perfume was created scented gloves. This element of the costume society ladies created a furor and gave rise to the creation of an independent aromatherapy products in the form of perfumes and colognes. In the eighteenth century France was already booming as the world capital of perfumes.

The center of the perfume industry today is the small French town of Grasse. Manufacturers of perfumes inspired by the scent of flowers, which is literally surrounded by this provincial area. For three centuries their products enjoy huge success and is constantly updated with new aromatic compositions, which become world-known perfume brands. Nina Richi, Cristian Dior, Guerlain, L'oreal, Givenchy, Lancome, Kenzo, Giorgio Armani, Yves Rocher - recognized symbols of elegance and refinement.

How to choose a real French perfume

To distinguish perfume the plagiarism from the original in the first place, you should inspect the packaging. Cartons of real French perfumes are always very durable, made of thick cardboard. And the cellophane film, which wrapped the box, on the contrary, very thin and tight to the package. The brand name, the names of spirits, and all other information about the perfume must be in English. Special attention to the brand: even a single altered letter in the name – this is 100% fake. Also the package will be included the inscription "made in France", but in any case, not "France" and "Paris-London-new York."

The producers of real French perfume took care of the safety of this precious product. So, if you shake a box of perfume, there will be no breakage, the bottle always firmly inserted into the case. A sign of bad taste – poor quality glass and metal cork – this is not about the French perfume industry. The bottle is smooth, no rough edges, the glass tube with a strip of varnish for the density, and the spirits themselves are transparent, without turbidity and sediment are further features of the present French perfume.

You should also remember that the only real French perfume change the sharpness of smell the soft scent after 15-20 minutes after application and only high-quality perfume is able to please the owner even after bathing.

Where to buy authentic French perfume

Luxury brand perfume stores, as a rule, are responsible for the quality and originality of products. But to protect yourself from buying fakes, you should know that the company store the buyer will never offer a sampler of the famous French perfume in the bottle. In addition, the lower part of the package must be decorated with the word "perfum", and next to it caused a numerical indication of the resistance the spirits with the abbreviation FL.OZ. Well, the French perfume, can not cost less than $ 100.

Real French perfume can be bought in the airports of almost all European countries in stores "Duty Free". On the cellophane wrapper of the perfume is to be glued label with the indication marking, the prices are in euros and the airport name. Moreover, you should pay attention to the number before the bar code. French production corresponds to figure 3.

Advertising about the sale of French perfume is full and is online stores. Where to buy real perfume, every woman chooses for herself, but it should be remembered that this French perfume cannot be cheap.