Packing. All labels should be clearly printed. Cardboard boxes should be dense, high-quality. If the spirits are wrapped in cellophane, it must have a good fitting box pleats and seams should be neat and smooth. On the box there should be an inscription "Made in France" in English or French. Must be the barcode. Some manufacturers indicate the percentage content of essential oils and list of ingredients, but this is optional, but the percentage of alcohol must be specified.
Bottle. The famous perfume house will never allow to on sale got bottles marriage with scratches, supposed, uneven surface with the presence of bubbles of air in the glass. To protect their products from counterfeiting, manufacturers of perfumes create an unusual and expensive bottles of high quality glass or crystal. The original bottle, the harder it is to copy. As well as on the packaging, the bottle must indicate the volume in milliliters.
The presence of the certificate. A certificate of compliance must be wherever you are trading, and you must provide it upon request. If you are denied acquaintance with him, you can doubt the authenticity of spirits and in their quality. But the presence of the certificate from the seller is not 100% guarantee the authenticity of the product, as it too can be faked. On this certificate must be delivered to the original print. The document is always issued only one type of product. Each item should be annotated. If not, then the certificate must contain a complete description of the quality of the product.
If you have already bought the toilet water, test its quality by putting the bottle in the fridge. If the contents of the vial is turbid, you purchased counterfeit goods. This perfume is in any case should not be used as a great risk of allergic reactions and poisoning. Take the purchase back to the store and take the money, it is not necessary to exchange the fake for another's toilet water, as is likely, you will once again sell "fake" goods.