Before hair cut, wash and dry them. Prepare the machine to start the haircut on dry hair and determine what length you need to cut your hair. Depending on the selected length, select the machine nozzle to the desired height (12-15 mm).
Haircut start with the back of his head. Occipital lift sections of hair up with a comb, tightly in contact with the nozzle of the machine with the head surface. Treating occipital hair area, go to the temporal and parietal area. Cut hair at one level, cutting hair on all areas of growth at the same length.
Forming a clean cut, run a trim haircut, walking along its lower edge with a small nozzle machines. Keep the machine on the edge of the cutting at an angle to the surface of the head, slightly rounding out and smoothing the border of the hair.
Edging will help to finish the haircut and make it neat and beautiful. Completing the final sections of the hair, do not press the machine too close to the skin to avoid cuts and injuries. Place an edge of the cutting, treat machine whiskey – they can be cut as straight and oblique lines.
As you can see, home haircut with the help of machines will not cause you difficulties, even if you have never dealt with the art of hairdressing. This way you can trim both children and adults, with a minimum of time and money.