Wash and dry your hair. These preliminary procedures will make it easier to slide machines by removing sebum. Unwashed head can not be cut. Blade the machines will be blunted, and she to hide. In addition, the skin may become irritated due to the fact that micro cracks that will occur when you maintain the machine on the head, will get particles of dirt.
Now pick up the nozzle desired length, and the blade lock it. If you don't use the Frother, you will get the minimum length of hair. However, it will not be like after the machine. The number of nozzles choose the length of the hair, which should remain after cutting. If you select the first attachment, the length will be only 1 mm.
Connect the clipper hair in the grid. After that, click the start button. If this is your first using this machine, be sure to lubricate it with special oil the blade. The oil should come with the kit. About once a month and carry out the procedure of lubrication of the running parts of the machine.
Haircut start with the back of the head. The machine glides move forward. If the machine is hard to remove from the entire length of hair and it cuts badly, then try first to change the nozzle, leaving behind a few long. Only after you remove the main part of the regrown hair, continue to use the original tips, which you wanted to get a haircut.
After all hair will be one the desired length, remove the attachment and trim it without the whiskey and neck. After the haircut is completed, again wash your head and avoid irritation to the skin, apply an antibacterial lotion.