You will need
  • - machine for cutting hair;
  • - comb with fine teeth;
  • - thinning shears.
If necessary, the simultaneous cutting of a large bunch of hair and squeeze handles open your machine to capacity. This will help not to damage your hair. If led machine for their growth, they will press against the head, and the result will be zero.
Follow the speed of the machine. With a high speed plate located in the upper part, slows down and does not manage to shear off all the hair that fall between the teeth. Can begin pain. Cutting the hair from the top does not "take away" from machine head too abruptly, gradually slow down work on the weight.
Very popular short haircuts for men. You can make the most simple variant – to ostricise bald. If you are an Amateur in handling the machine, then cut the hair, using one size of nozzle. During the processing of the temples and neck area of the nozzle is not use.
For more complex haircuts define the length of the heads (preferable to take the number 2). The blade of the clipper upwards. Start with the neck, where hair starts. Continue cutting the hair in this way until you reach the nape of the neck. Next, change the nozzle on number 3 and remove hair to the crown. When cutting, use a comb and try to shear off the excess hair on top of her. In conclusion, trim the hair on the temples and neck.
This hairstyle poluboks is the main difference is the smooth transitions with very short hair on more and more long. Poluboks suitable for men with oval and square type of person. Use basic cutting techniques: reduction of hair on there, machine mowing and edging. In the parietal area should leave hair length is about 6-7 cm For the other areas of suitable 4-centimeter length. Remember to clear the border Swifts, passing through the top behind the ears and down the center under the neck. After shearing profile hair.
That hairstyle was a good, trim the machine only dry hair. At the end shake the device from the hair with a brush. Lubricate the blade with a special oil that is included in the set.